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A Campaign Question

Currently my almost five year old son is in the same room with my one year old daughter. Let’s just say it’s not going so hot. My daughter still wakes up screaming once or twice a night and wakes up at the lovely hour of 5 am. So we’ve been thinking about moving our son […]

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Forever Schoolhouse

A long time ago the schoolhouse in Maxwell, Iowa was up for grabs. It was so long ago that it was pre-Tammy, which doesn’t quite seem possible. Austin and I joked around about buying the schoolhouse, which I think was selling for around $30,000. We dreamed about splitting up the floors and putting in such […]

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Private Stash: Blueprints

There must be a reason why I avoided looking at these for so long, but I finally spent some time in our bomb shelter and figured out which stack of blueprints belonged to our house. Unfortunately they have a lot of water damage on them so I was glad to take a few shots and […]

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Nursery Plan

Does anyone else love picking out project supplies more than me? I doubt it. I could probably spend every waking moment looking at fabric, furniture, curtain rods and curtains. There hasn’t been too much progress in the nursery except wallpaper paste has been removed and my mom had pinch-pleated white linen drapes in her garage […]

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Private Stash: Sewing for Your Home by BH&G

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the nursery for our son and future child will look like. It’s so hard for me to be in a 1950s period house and make a room feel both vintage appropriate and modern. I’ve been planning on sewing curtains and cracked open a 1974 copy […]

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