Snag » Interiors All Found. All Vintage. Wed, 05 Oct 2016 21:18:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 A Campaign Question Thu, 18 Jun 2015 15:59:18 +0000 Currently my almost five year old son is in the same room with my one year old daughter. Let’s just say it’s not going so hot. My daughter still wakes up screaming once or twice a night and wakes up at the lovely hour of 5 am. So we’ve been thinking about moving our son to the room in the basement. Which means needing some furniture for him.

Without having any concrete ideas in my mind, I absent-mindedly checked Craigslist just to see what’s out there. I came across this listing:

Campaign Dresser

I know you guys. Campaign dressers. These are so different from every piece of furniture I have. Right now, 90% of our furniture is mid-century modern. I’m feeling like it’s all the same and I want to switch things up just a little bit. Do these feel hip and cool or awful and dated to you, oh honest Snag readers?

Here’s some interiors I’ve seen that make them feel cute and modern.


Found on


Found on


Found on

So I made up mind and decided yes I want these. I called within forty minutes of the posting. And…they were already sold and picked up. What?! That makes me want them even more. To be continued.

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Forever Schoolhouse Thu, 03 Apr 2014 13:27:37 +0000 A long time ago the schoolhouse in Maxwell, Iowa was up for grabs. It was so long ago that it was pre-Tammy, which doesn’t quite seem possible. Austin and I joked around about buying the schoolhouse, which I think was selling for around $30,000. We dreamed about splitting up the floors and putting in such luxuries as a kiln, furniture restoration studio, offices, a storefront…you know, totally practical things.

Maxwell Schoolhouse

Clearly we didn’t purchase it because that would be sheer craziness, and the school is allegedly haunted. Duh duh duh.

Once Tammy entered into the picture, we shared our schoolhouse dream with her and she’s been on board with the dreaming part. Most recently she forwarded us a picture of this school and said there was a floor for each of us.

Nevada Schoolhouse

I’ve been saving links and images to schoolhouse renovations that were particularly inspiring. Let me tell you, there are a lot of bad ones out there. My husband grumbled this is probably because it’s nearly impossible to renovate one. Schoolhouse hater.

Hillside Schoolhouse


This shot from pretty much says it all for me. Posh furniture, interior updated but still retaining a vintage look. I’d move in.



This schoolhouse from Sweden shows how amazing all of our vintage collections could look inside.



We’d have to fight over a space like this that’s so open and sunny.

Ok, ok. Maybe all of the asbestos, electrical, plumbing, heating elements and the logistics of three separate families living together in harmony make this unattainable, but we can dream.

What do you think? Any one else out there wanting to renovate a schoolhouse with us? We’d need four floors and an extra ghost, but we’ll find it eventually.

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Private Stash: Blueprints Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:59:55 +0000 There must be a reason why I avoided looking at these for so long, but I finally spent some time in our bomb shelter and figured out which stack of blueprints belonged to our house. Unfortunately they have a lot of water damage on them so I was glad to take a few shots and move them to a slightly drier location.

Some things about our quirky house have been driving us crazy. For instance, the entryway into our living room has two doors. One pocket door and one open door. And there’s a formal dining room and a dining room? Weird, right?

Blueprint First FloorNo, not so weird after all. Apparently from this blueprint there used to be a pair of fabric covered doors that separated the living room from the family room. The “dining room” wasn’t a dining room at all. I’m fairly certain the pair of fabric doors are long gone so I’m not sure if we’ll be taking that portion of our house back to original standards.

Room Divider

Image from Apartment Therapy.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find an awesome sheer fabric and run it on a hospital track and it wouldn’t be too weird. A girl can dream, right?

Blueprints Family RoomHere’s another nice little touch. Apparently in the family room bookcase there was a pull-up typewriter shelf. So fancy. We’ll have to look in to recreating that as my cute little typewriter needs a home. Also, we know that all of our cabinets are made out of birch plywood. So if we ever want to replace the sin that is a honey oak kitchen we can choose the right materials.

Blueprints BathroomNow we can also see how our bathroom was originally planned out. There are two bathrooms separated by a shower stall with two glass door partitions. At some point the left glass door was removed and filled in with a wall. We’re planning on ripping that out and replacing the two glass doors. But at some point all the shelving above the left bathroom was ripped out as well. Maybe a plan someday. Other than that, almost everything is original except the honey oak epidemic hit the right bathroom as well.

Blueprint BasementAnd finally, if anyone was wondering, yes, we have vinyl asbestos tiles throughout the entire basement. Luckily covered by carpet. We’re not going to touch those!


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Nursery Plan Fri, 28 Feb 2014 15:36:37 +0000 Does anyone else love picking out project supplies more than me? I doubt it. I could probably spend every waking moment looking at fabric, furniture, curtain rods and curtains. There hasn’t been too much progress in the nursery except wallpaper paste has been removed and my mom had pinch-pleated white linen drapes in her garage not being used. Now I don’t have to sew curtains, what a relief!

I did go and find some fabric for pillows and a few other surprises. There’s now a clear plan in my mind and I just need to get to work. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Nursery PlanUnfortunately, the biggest pieces of the puzzle are still missing: a daybed or twin sized bed and a dresser. This is driving me nuts. And this weekend we’ll be working on curtain rods that will look similar to the above, but far more affordable. Hopefully.

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Private Stash: Sewing for Your Home by BH&G Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:22:48 +0000 Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the nursery for our son and future child will look like. It’s so hard for me to be in a 1950s period house and make a room feel both vintage appropriate and modern. I’ve been planning on sewing curtains and cracked open a 1974 copy of Sewing for Your Home by Better Homes and Gardens.

Sewing For Your Home Cover

Let me tell you, there are some “gems” in here. Almost everything is full throttle 1970s, but there are a lot of ideas making a comeback in today’s interior design world. Here are just a few.

Bedroom Headboard

Can you imagine how many yards of green polka-dot fabric they must have ordered to pull off this room? But check out the headboard. Those wicker scroll headboards are being blogged by all the youngin’s these days.

ComforterNot going to lie, I’d probably buy that comforter, my husband would puke, and it would go on the guest bed once in awhile.

Living RoomI didn’t realize these track curtains were popular in the 1970s. They have them at Ikea and were all the rage a few years ago. And I’d definitely purchase those two chairs with the acrylic bases.

KitchenThere’s just so much going on in here that individual elements aren’t standing out. Like that crazy space-age tv that’s probably a Keracolor Sphere TV. And those bar stools are pretty sweet too.

Hairy BathroomAnd just because it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about, you’re welcome for this. A crazy hairy bathroom. I can’t even begin to think what’s going on in that carpet, and I hope it’s not still in that bathroom.

This weekend I’m being overly optimistic that we’ll be planning out our curtain rods and curtains, but it’s safe to say that my inspiration for the nursery curtains did come from this book and I’ll be excited to share once they’re done. What do you all think about these groovy 1970s designs? Can you see anything going in your own homes?

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The New Nursery Plan Fri, 17 Jan 2014 16:17:30 +0000 Today was windy and cold, and my mom out of the goodness of her heart stopped by our house to watch my son Oliver. That left me to my own devices to start any project I felt like. Rather than unpacking our boxes, I got really mad at the wallpaper in Oliver’s room. I remember watching HGTV years ago and laughing at people who balked at homes because they had too much wallpaper. “Oh! They are so lazy. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease!” An hour and a half later and this is how far I had gotten.

Wallpaper BegoneHalf a wall. Three hours later and I had almost a wall. Now I know why people don’t want to mess with it; I remember the days when I had uninterrupted time. Oh well, I’m going to finish this room.

Once the evilness of wallpaper is gone, I can start thinking about what the interior will look like. Right now Oliver is in a toddler bed and I need to get him into a twin bed. Here’s what I’m looking for.

Jenny Lind

Image from

I’m thinking a Jenny Lind style bed would be amazing. But since this room will eventually need to be a room for two I want to find a trundle bed. There’s one on Craigslist but alas the owner hasn’t emailed me back.


Image from

Our weird brown chair has lost its luster on me. I want to find something with a little more structure. Let’s just find that blue chair at Salvation Army with a bit more of a vintage flair, ok? And yes throw in that light too.

Potato Basket

Image from

And finally, I’m going to need some serious toy storage. We’re planning on building shelves in the one closet the room has, but I saw these potato baskets online and want to find something like it. Have any of you guys seen these before? Land of Nod has something like them here, but I can’t bear to buy new when I can reuse. Surely I can find vintage ones for less than $30?

I was planning on painting one wall a deep, dark blue but now Oliver, who has switched from space to tractors, informed me he wants the wall tractor green.


Image from

Maybe I can sneak in the Rushmore color palette. We’ll see.

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