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Happy Spring!

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing warmer weather and garage sale season is right around the corner. This past month I did find a few Easter goodies worth sharing. First up is a circa 1930s paper mache bunny candy container. He came from an antique store my family made a quick stop at while taking a mini-spring break […]

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Private Stash: Frae Scotland

One of the reasons I like thrifting and finding small things is the ability to glimpse into the past. I was cleaning out a bookshelf and found this little pouch I purchased at a flea market ages ago for $0.50. Why did I purchase it? Who knows. But when I got home there was a […]

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The China That Almost Was

Today I drove by a few signs saying, “BIG SALE!” Normally, I have at least one screaming child in the car and don’t stop. But this sale was seriously two minutes from my house and I decided we would conquer it. There was quite a bit of nonsense, but I did happen upon this beautiful […]

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Weekend Finds: Barton’s Ice Mints Tin

Well another weekend has past and another room is wallpaper-less. Remember the snow geese? I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a better image of the wallpaper before (I must have disliked it that much), but here is a closeup for the scrapbooks. And now this is what the wall on the right looks like. Even though […]

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The Mysterious Art Deco Lamp

Over the holidays I received a package from a friend and client. She has been over to our first house a few times and knew I was a psycho enthusiast for all things vintage. There was a nice note saying this piece was her mom’s and sat up on a shelf in their house for […]

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