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My Hiatus: A More Modern Shed

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I’ve disappeared for approximately five months or so. Two kids are definitely more challenging than one, and my thrifting experiences have plummeted. Couple this with the onset of fall and my desire to get our cars actually in the garage for once. We have squirrels that literally chew through the […]

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Private Tour: Austin’s Guest Bedroom/Office

It’s hard to believe that eight and a half years have gone by since I moved into my house. In those eight years certain areas of the house have changed quite a bit as I’ve replaced old finds with my treasured “forever” pieces. But one room in the house has remained relatively unchanged, my guest bedroom/home […]

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Sneak Peek: My New Place

We are just beginning the process of finding the right places to situate all of our “stuff” in our new home. Here is a quick sneak peek of one small corner. Who knows how many times we will be rearranging things? Wish us luck!

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Holiday Home Tour

Christmas is that one special time of year when it’s ok to just go nuts and let the holidays explode all over your walls. I never do any other type of seasonal decorating around the house; I never have the time or the desire to put up anything that’s only going to stick around a […]

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1957 Ranch in the Raw

Boy do I have a house tour for you. We moved in a couple weeks ago and as I was taking photos I realized just how much there is to do here. This house needs so much work. But its proximity to family, convenience, a killer backyard and classic mid-century style won us over. At least I […]

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