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A Problem of Couch Proportions

When we had our two-story colonial, we had a crazy amount of couches: four. Two in our long and narrow living room, one in our porch and one in the basement. Granted, we really used, oh, one maybe two most days. But three are beautiful vintage and one we bought new before the vintage bug […]

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The New House

We have survived the big move. Sort of. Furniture has been scratched, chipped and ripped despite more than ample padding, things are missing and we’re all pooped. I thought we’d have internet by now since we called to have it set up three weeks ago but alas we do not, therefore this post will be […]

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Before and After: Syroco Gold Birds

My husband is a gem. He really is. I get to go out on Saturday morning with my best of friends, find some treasures, bring them home, and sometimes bring them in the home if we both agree said treasure is amazing. Enter Syroco gold birds that are perched on dogwood branches from 1967.   […]

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Before and After: Tiny Bathroom, Huge Update

My husband and I bought our house right out of college in 2005, and we have pretty much refinished everything. One room that had been driving me absolutely crazy since we moved in was our tiny bathroom on the second floor. Rather than explain it, I’ll show you what it looked like when we moved […]

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Before & After: Brasilia in the Bedroom

I’ve always designed my home around the idea that if you love something enough, you’ll find a place to put it. While this usually works out, my reckless buying of large furniture pieces sometimes means that something loved has to go out so something more loved can come in. Such is the case with the […]

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