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Review: Armstrong Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring

It’s all fun and games until your sweet little baby who will never grow up starts making the motions to crawl. Then it’s time to actually install a kitchen floor. We’ve been living with a sub-floor for over a year and had purchased the vinyl composite tiles (VCT) for almost that long. This weekend I […]

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Product Review: Howard Restor-A-Finish

If you’ve ever done even the lightest internet search for any topic related to restoring furniture finishes, you’ve no doubt run across the name Howard’s. A favorite product of dealers and collectors, it’s often touted as a miraculous cure-all for whatever ails your wooden furniture. Despite the widespread enthusiasm, I’ve remained a skeptic. Why? Howard’s and […]

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Review: Vintage Sears Griddle and Waffle Iron

A long time ago I was at an estate sale and came across this appliance shoved in the back of a bottom kitchen cabinet. Even though I wasn’t sure if this combination Sears brand griddle/waffle iron worked, I had to buy it to test it out. It was a whole $2. Let’s just say it […]

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Coffee + Physics: The Sunbeam Coffeemaster C50

Last week I posted about the sheer simplicity of the Chemex coffeemaker, but today I’m going to show you the exact opposite end of the spectrum with a how-to and review of the glorious, fully automatic chrome beast that is the Sunbeam Coffeemaster C50. About a year ago I discovered that Krups had discontinued the […]

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