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Weekend Finds: Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

Sometimes you easily find something you never knew existed and it’s a happy accident. Sometimes you spend years looking for something to no avail, only to have it fall into your lap once you’ve given up. I’ve had both happen with the same item. Several years ago I picked up a worn but interesting office chair […]

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Everything You Thought was Wright is Wrong.

On New Year’s Eve as I traveled to a party (read: eat Chinese food and watch The Big Lebowski) I, of course, stopped off at a thrift store. I had a coupon that expired January 1 and I wasn’t about to let it expire. During my initial sweep of the store I didn’t find much other […]

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Happy Holidays!

I picked up this tree topper angel this past Saturday at Salvation Army for under $1.00. I have never put anything on top of my aluminum tree but this is so light-weight it works and looks darling. She is in wonderful condition with burlap clothing and wings and topped with a mercury glass halo. We […]

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Front Door Dilemma

You know when you wake up one morning and shout, “I’m tired of looking at this maroon front door!” That’s where I am. Despite fifty other projects halfway started, I’m on to thinking about paint colors. Sorry everyone who lives with me and my project ADD. Oh my, our front entryway is so sad. Except for […]

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Monthly Finds: Burke Tulip Chairs in the Rough

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve disappeared. I’ve been going to some garage sales, but not thrift stores and have hardly been searching on Craigslist. So my finds have been limited, and my time even more limited by a one-year-old who just doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Insert zombie groans. There was this garage sale though. […]

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