Church Rummage Sale Finds

I’m always so happy when I can find a sale that starts on a Thursday, because I just so happen to have that day off each week. Well, this week I was lucky to find a church rummage sale with doors opening at ten o’clock. I was there as doors opened. I didn’t find much or spend much, but here is what I hauled out for a total of $3.25.

A National Geographic Atlas of the World with a copyright date of 1970. It is a giant measuring 19″ by 13″.


Next I found some old square sheets of wrapping paper from the 1980s.

wrapping paper

I also found old French advertising papers. They were in a plastic baggie with a sticker that says “WWI French, Free”. I really have no idea what they are but they were old, paper and free so I took them. I’m sure they are not anything special but still fun.

Last I found this decoy. Sometimes it surpises me what I buy. He had a $.25 price tag on him so I just couldn’t put him back down. When I got home I tried to talk my husband into blowing him up with no luck.  He insisted it was old and would probably smell, so I took it into my own hands. I cleaned him up and inflated him. I will say it was a bit gross, but just look how cute he is. He is my favorite of the finds and of course I have no clue what I’m going to do with it.


He has a copyright date of 1982 and instruction on his belly. Just so stinking cute!

I will not be going to any sales this weekend so this one should hold me over until the following one.

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