Church Sale Madness

Maybe you’re thinking of a different kind of madness. Let’s put it this way: yesterday was the first official day of spring, and this morning we were waiting for half an hour in 19° weather, which made the crowd less than pleasant. Then, add on small walkways, tons of people, and me pushing my little one around in a stroller to create traffic jams. Yikes. Thank goodness for the happy and helpful workers. All this didn’t stop us from finding a few take-homes and having a good time.

Cherry Blossom Tray

I did find this gorgeous cherry blossom tray that’s about 24″ wide. Not sure what to do with it or where to put it. When I found it there were black smudges everywhere that wouldn’t come off with just dish soap. So I gently used a magic eraser and this tray looks almost new.

Sifo Toys PuzzleI’m a sucker for old puzzles. This is neither practical or profitable, and my son won’t use it for a few years. But the colors on this piece are so vibrant and fun.

Sifo Map Logotype

Logotype made of small jesters? Check.

Sifo Toys created numerous educational toys in St. Paul, Minnesota between 1944 and 1975. Upon further searching it seems I’m missing most of the box, but can’t find a date on the remnants I have. I love the simple icons: Iowa is pigs and corn with the capitol Des Moines. You got that right.

This puzzle made the freezing wait worth it, and we’re all looking forward to a warmer garage sale season!



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