Citywide Nightmares

I feel like every year I definitively swear off citywide garage sales. They always sound great with their promise of 80+ sales, practically next door to each other, but their lure of quantity rarely yields anything of quality for me. Despite this, once again this past weekend I fell victim to the siren song of citywides. After putting over 100 miles on the car in one day canvassing two citywide events as well as individual sales and thrift stores in two other towns, what did I find?

Nothing. Well, nothing isn’t entirely true. I found two broken chairs, a chipped table, some vintage clothing that ended up being full of holes and an antique fire extinguisher that I discovered was still charged—when it went off in my car. Awesome. You’ll have to use your imagination, I was too furious with my puny haul to capture its image.

After this I called Tammy, muttered something about never going to another sale as long as I live and began angrily stuffing my questionable decisions into the garage. Of course in the morning I felt like I had to go out again for some sort of redemption. As I rolled up to my favorite monthly flea market, I realized that it wasn’t until next weekend. Great. Another fantastic start. In a mix of rage and disappointment I set off driving aimlessly through the city to see what sales fate would throw my way.


Turns out fate isn’t such a cruel mistress after all. I wandered into a neighborhood sale as well as a few other sales here and there and scored some interesting things, like this cork-topped coffee table, Dansk Kobenstyle pan, black stretched glass vase, Genie phone, giant map and leather suitcase. But my favorite find is probably this 1950s electric hand dryer.

IMG_2548They had it plugged in and running at the sale so I knew my $10 wouldn’t be squandered on a broken device. The porcelain case is in such great shape it’s hard to imagine this thing surviving 60 years of service, but judging from its construction I’d say it will outlive us all.


But I will say buying something that spent its entire life hanging out in a public restroom was a very fitting end to this weekend.

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