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My husband and I were having a lively conversation one day about arranging things at 90 degree angles. He said, “Do you know that’s a thing?!” Oh yes, yes I do and it’s called knolling. I didn’t know why it was called knolling, but searching informed me a janitor at Frank Gehry’s office would arrange tools at right angles. The strict German old lady in me loves it. I’ve even noticed my dad doing it, and maybe it’s a learned trait.

So next to my desk is maybe my favorite little corner of the whole house.

DeskIt’s a typewriter stand I rescued from a garage sale. I so wish I had a before and after for you because it was in a sorry, rusty state. Below sit my two typewriters (more on that in another post), and a whole bunch of miscellaneous office supplies.

Typewriter stand detailI’ll admit, for this picture I did dust, but everything was and is strictly at right angles. My toddler comes by sometimes and plays with things and I rearrange when he’s finished skewing things all willy nilly. A lot of the things are little works of art so I thought I’d share.

Rubber Bands BoxThis is a new addition to my collection, and each side flips up to reveal a compartment. Perfect for storing…well…rubber bands and paperclips.

Fountain pen standsThese fountain pen stands were a gift from Austin and they are so sculptural. I’ve thought about adding more, but these two are so perfectly contrasting I haven’t found a third to keep up the quality.

BirdsMaybe my favorite thing I’ve found so far in this collection is this owl magnifying glass. It was at a tag sale and I’m not sure how it was still there. It’s heavy and all brass.

Tape DispenserOf course everyone needs a brass tape dispenser, right? Maybe not. But the pairing of the deep green and brass just makes me happy.

Does anyone else out there knoll? Please share so I don’t feel quite so ridiculous.

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