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We’ve unpacked hardly anything. I just can’t get into the spirit of it. We’re going to part with a lot of furniture and that leaves some things with no home to go to. One dilemma is what to do with the boxes and boxes of…board games. We are so hip you can find us playing Dominion, cribbage, or Settlers of Cattan on a Friday night. Most of my board games aren’t vintage, but there is a growing collection of the board game Password.

Password Volume 2

“These new words are just great, George!”

Currently the earliest version of the game I have is volume two from 1962. Once I did see volume one at an antique store and I didn’t buy it. I couldn’t handle the $20 price tag when usually I score these games for around a dollar. Now I’m kicking myself.

My favorite box is volume seven. Since Milton Bradley came out with a new version practically every year during the 1960s, they needed to keep the box fresh. The mustard yellow color is a fun addition. I’m not quite sure how many games I have, but I do keep a list in my phone because I’ve been known to pick up volume twelve over and over again.

Password Volume 7

Each game comes with two viewing cards, several word cards and a spinner. The words are all excitingly clever. I don’t know why this game isn’t popular at parties. Except it’s low-key, everyone needs to concentrate, and some words are impossibly hard. We tried a Password party once. It failed. We played Cards Against Humanity instead.

Password Interior

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