Fall Is Coming and I’m Feeling Sporty

It never fails to amaze me how coincidentally collections of similar objects can form—and how fast. If I wanted to pull together a group of items that were thematically similar and had a coordinating color palette, it would take me months to find it all. But within a couple weeks of finding a pair of vintage 1960’s children’s skis, I had the makings of an awesome vintage fall vignette.

Scottish wool lap blanket $3, vintage children’s skis $5, transistor radio $1, tartan plaid hatbox $3, vintage Saks Fifth Avenue cashmere pullover $5

To start us off are the skis. So freaking cool. I’m not a sporty person and I’d rather build a snowman than ever strap on a pair of skis myself, but the color, size, hardware and unbelievable condition of these skis made them irresistible. Also irresistible are vintage woolens. What better to keep yourself warm on the lift than a Scottish lap blanket and a cashmere sweater from Saks? Unfortunately the sweater fits me more like a belly shirt, so it may need to find a new home—unless I decide to keep it to feverishly rub my face against (don’t judge me unless you’ve felt how crazy soft it is). Toss in this red leatherette transistor radio and a tartan plaid hatbox and voila, instant vintage vacation for less than $20. But wait, there’s more…


Vintage Coleman coolers $18, plaid wool coat $3, wool blanket $10

If you prefer a little tailgating to the bunny hills, I found these two red Coleman coolers at a thrift store. I love these vintage steel coolers. They have such a classic look that doesn’t scream “there’s Natty Light inside!” Although they do take a little more care to protect than their modern plastic counterparts, a little washing and a coat of polymer car wax keeps them looking like new. The collegiate theme continues with a vintage but unworn wool plaid overcoat and this red and black striped wool blanket from an estate sale. Let the games begin!

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  1. cindy
    Posted September 18, 2012 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    now why can’t i find cool coleman coolers like that in my local thrift stores… nothing but real junk, not good junk around these parts.. must have too many hoarders here in southeast iowa!

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