Flea Market Sunday

This past Friday and Saturday my sister and I went to multiple citywide garage sales and had little luck. So we were very happy on Sunday morning when we had some relief from our dry spell. She hauled home an antique chair and other smalls which I unfortunately forgot to photograph. My first find, however, was this old egg crate. My plans for this Humpty Dumpty egg carrier is to store my kids’ blown Easter eggs they decorate each year and maybe some of my old Christmas ornaments. It will look great while doubling as storage and it only cost me $8.00!

photo (34)

photo (33)

From the same booth I bought these bentwood spice boxes. They were manufactured by Patent Package Co. in Newark, N.J. and have a patent date of Aug. 8th, 1858. Each spice box has a black stencil marking with the name of the spice on the lid top and side of the box. Can’t you imagine these in a county house cupboard? If you take off the lid they still smell of the spice they once held, especially the cinnamon.

photo (36)  photo (35)

So now onto my vintage toy finds. My husband and boys have a vintage Tonka Jeep collection. So this early 1970’s Tonka Jeepster priced at $2.00 is now a new addition.

photo (40)

photo (41)

I did make a stop by Goodwill on Saturday afternoon and surprisingly walked out with this made-in-Japan Little Duchess China Tea Set. The box is just as adorable as the dishes. I was so surprised when I took each piece out once I got home. Not only is it a tea service for eight but also has plates, a covered dish, serving platters and salt and pepper shakers. In all it is a complete 29 piece set and a fun find from Goodwill were I almost always walk out empty handed! I’m guessing my son and I were the first ones to ever have a tea party with this set.

photo (32)

photo (31)

photo (30)

Now back to the flea market. These last two toy finds were also from the booth I bought the egg crate and spice boxes.

I bought this J. Chein and Co. tin drum with my son, who loves drums. It has a cowboys and Indians theme which my son ended up informing me he didn’t like. I think it’s pretty cute myself. During WWII J. Chein changed to this red, white and blue logo on its toys, therefore dating this piece to the 1940’s.

photo (42)

photo (45)Lastly my favorite find was this set of race horses and jockeys. They are tiny but very heavy. Only two still are attached to the base with a thin metal spring that allows them to slowly move forwards and backwards giving them a galloping motion. They only stand 2 inches tall with their bases. I have the springs and bases for the additional four horses. I love that all six runners have different colored outfits and all the horses are different colors and in slightly different positions. I’m hoping to talk my husband into soldering them carefully back together. I know very little about these horse and so please share if you could help me out.

photo (48)

photo (39)After a Friday and Saturday filled with disappointing garage sales, Sunday more than made up for it! Please share your finds with us. We would love to hear from you.

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