From Coat to Christmas Stocking

When each of my children were born, my aunt made these stockings which are like little pieces of art.

Cross Stitched Stockings

Can you imagine how many hours these took? My husband and I have never had stockings and this year I set out to change this, but was having no luck finding a pair of non-kitchsy stockings.

So when I was cleaning out my coat closet and couldn’t bear to throw this into the trash.

Worn Coat

It may look like it is in good condition, but what you can’t see are the frayed sleeves, busted out button holes and just plain holes. I really wanted to keep it because I’m a bit partial to Penguin brand  coats.

Penguin Brown Coat

It would have been easy for most to just pitch this coat into the trash, but this coat could have another use. By tracing the shape of my aunt’s stockings, sewing two shapes together wrong shapes out, these stockings came together pretty quickly. And I’m by no means a talented sewer!


There are some fun touches like using the pockets on the front, sewing the coat buttons on to the sides, and of course, including the original tag on the inside!

Inside tag

What do you think? Is anybody else using vintage stockings?


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