From One “Collector” to Another

Warning: This post is a little touchy-feely. I think I’m getting sentimental in my old age.

Lately I remembered why I love buying vintage so much: meeting wonderful, kind and sweet people. Simple as that. You might remember this print I bought a few weeks back:

Hand Colored Moth PrintBut that was clear back in May and the lady who owned the booth told me she thought she had another one with butterflies and would look for it and call me. Yes, I’ve had dealers tell me that before and it never panned out so I wasn’t too worried if I didn’t hear from her. I think she could sense my excitement at having a pair of these beautiful hand-colored illustrations. At the end of June she called me and said she had found it and would I like her to hold it for me for a couple weeks? She would drive it to the store from an hour and a half away.

Butterfly PrintButterfly Print Detail

The newest print is even more wonderful and I’m so glad she called. She also loves scientific books and art books so I spent some extra time today in her booth. Thank you Margaret!

Even more surprising is what happened on Wednesday. I met Bob at his son’s garage sale the Friday before and I was going through their records. He asked what I was looking for and I told him Johnny Cash. Remember my New Years’ list? Yeah, I’m embarrassed I said “Could some sweet older gentleman please decide his complete Cash collection needs to be relocated to my house? Thank you.” Because it happened and I feel a little guilty. Bob is simply the nicest guy. When I mentioned I had my Grandpa’s record player and I loved bluegrass it sealed the deal. He said he would look when he got home and would drive his Johnny Cash records to my house since he and his wife used to have a house two streets from mine and they would like to see it. So Bob and his adorable wife stopped by our house.

Johnny Cash Records

And he even kept my business card in the original plastic sleeve so he wouldn’t forget.

Seriously how nice are people? When I get all caught up in the rush of buying and selling and scurrying to find the next great deal, I’ll take a deep breath and think of all the great people I’ve met along the way. And I’d better stock up on vintage thank you cards because they’re running low.

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