Gift Guide: Richard Scarry

There is one author my son is obsessed with: Richard Scarry. As you know by now, I have a vintage book problem. They’re everywhere. When we took four boxes of outdated textbooks to Half Price Books, we came back with four books, one of which was by Richard Scarry. Why a gift guide? This dude was prolific. With over 100 books and many compilations, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many good choices, but we have our favorites.

If you are thinking of getting a book for a child, here are some good places to start.

Cars and Trucks

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Hands down, this is my son’s favorite book of all time. He has spent so many hours reading it, has every page basically memorized, and will still pick it up almost every month. This book follows the story of the pig family on vacation.


Hilarity ensues. Dingo Dog wreaks havoc everywhere.

Every page is packed with vehicles, a hidden bug named Goldbug, and other supporting characters such as Mistress Mouse, Officer Flossy and Dingo the mischievous dog. Published in 1974 and still in print, you can either purchase new or find a vintage copy and find Goldbug over and over and over.


There’s that little jerk Goldbug. Sometimes he is actually hard to find.


365 Stories Cover

This is the book we picked up over the weekend. You’re supposed to read one story every day, starting on January 1. While we have some catching up to do, we may have to wait for a little while. This book is for the slightly older child. My son is 4 and an avid book lover, but he finds these a little longer and the illustrations less entertaining.

Inside Cover

This is the inside front cover. The rest of the illustrations are a little more sparse.



What’s nice about this book again is the variety of stories. There are jokes, explanations of holidays for the specific day you’re reading, and the mood changes with the seasons. I’m sure one day Oliver will be “too old” for Cars and Trucks. That’s where this book will step in.

Best Story Book Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever

While my son may like Cars and Trucks the best, I adore this book and would recommend it as a fantastic gift for any child. Austin bought it for my son and it is amazing.


Yes giant sun, I look forward to reading this book.


This book is a compilation of stories and pages from other books, and even has a few stories written by Patricia Scarry. Counting, shapes, the Seasons, anything. The variety really does make it the best story book ever.


There are amazing illustrations throughout.

Wee Mouse

…a wee mouse?

And humor mixed in. My son, when he was two, kept talking about a “wee mouse” and laughing maniacally. It took me forever to find out he was talking about a story in this book where the bears talk about a wee mouse jumping out of the firewood box. The things kids think are hilarious!

If there is one vintage children’s book you own, this should be it. And pick up a vintage copy if you can; the paper and ink saturation is so much better.

Are there any of his books I’ve missed that are your favorites? Have I sold you on Richard Scarry yet? Hopefully!


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