Gift Guide: Vintage Birthday Books

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Are you finding exciting vintage finds? I am finally ready to return to the “real world.” Let me warn you though: about 25% of my brain cells have been deleted and 25% are unaccounted for. While I may be getting slightly more sleep, I still feel off-kilter and crazy. I had a baby girl, Imogene, and she unfortunately has acid reflux pretty bad and it’s been a little overwhelming at times. She is two months old now and finally I feel like a sense of balance is slowly being regained.

This last weekend was my son’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe it! Although, turning four was much easier to take than turning three for whatever reason. A little thing I like to do for him is read these three books. They all have a common theme of celebrating birthdays. So if you need to pick up a present for a vintage-lover, check them out.

Dr. Seuss Cover

Let’s start with the most obvious vintage birthday book, Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss. Did you know he pronounced his last name “Soice”? Anyway…yes, this book is still being printed today. But let me tell you, the vintage printing is way more amazing. The colors are so incredibly vibrant in the vintage printing that it is worth it to search an antique store to find one. I found this copy for $3.50 and paid $10.00 for another one. Well worth it.

Dr. Seuss interior page Dr. Seuss interior page Dr. Seuss interior page

This book is pretty long, so a toddler might only be able to get through half of it. But at four, Oliver can sit right through it.

A Very Special Day Cover

My next birthday book is A Very, Very Special Day by Frances Ullmann DeArmand. The illustrations in this book are so mid century.

AVeryVerySpecialDay_1 AVeryVerySpecialDay_2 AVeryVerySpecialDay_3

This book interacts with the reader a little more and keeps them guessing as to what this special day actually is. This year my son kept guessing what day he thought it was!


My last birthday book is Fortunately by Remy Charlip. My son thinks this book is hilarious and giggled all the way through it. One page is fortunate circumstances with colorful illustrations, one page unfortunate circumstances with black and white illustrations.

Fortunately_1 Fortunately_2

Don’t worry, the ending is fortunate! Do you have any birthday book suggestions? If so, be sure and let us know.

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