Happy Spring!

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing warmer weather and garage sale season is right around the corner. This past month I did find a few Easter goodies worth sharing. First up is a circa 1930s paper mache bunny candy container. He came from an antique store my family made a quick stop at while taking a mini-spring break vacation.

Paper mache bunny

My other Easter scores were found at a Salvation Army. I was super exited to find these beauties waiting for me in a cart being brought out from the back. The cart had been full of items and when I walked up to it only a few things were left sitting in the bottom. I asked the person stocking the shelves if I could have them out of the cart, He responded with a smile and a “please help yourself, then I won’t have to put them onto the shelves.” I collected them up quickly and thanked him!

photo 3 (47)

From the cart came a glass bunny candy container nibbling on a carrot. He was priced under $1.00! 
photo 2 (98)

An amazing pre-WWII lithographed paper mache egg. This had price tag stickers holding it closed so I waited until I was home to remove the stickers carefully so not to damage the old paper image. I was hoping for more paper mache eggs nested inside but instead found the metal egg.

photo 2 (100)

A surprise metal egg with great graphics was nested inside the paper egg. Not to shabby!


But the best out of bunch, only priced at $1.99, was this large antique glass egg! These victorian era eggs are blown glass and handpainted.  Happy dance!

blown glass egg 3Happy hunting!

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