Holiday Slow Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I took the weekend off from sales because of the holiday. Although if I had found a sale I would have been at it. Holiday weekends are usually slow but sometimes you are lucky enough to find a sale. The Snag Team had this luck exactly two years ago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was a tag sale out of a dream. I know Angela and Austin would agree. How amazing was this sale? One bedroom was packed full of vintage toys and old Doctor Seuss books, another was filled with vintage Christmas and stacks of boxes of old Shiny Brights. The main floor was full of antiques at amazing prizes, it was the best tag sale EVER! The three of us filled the Snag van. Even a mounted fish made it in. Ugh! And then this year nothing on my list of sales to hit. So I’m sharing some small finds from earlier in the month of November. Here we go…

vintage holiday

A small spun head angel and a set of made in Japan foil-around-wire candle stick decorations.

vintage holiday

A fun mixture of sizes and colors of old ornaments.

vintage holiday A few Easter finds. A knee hugger Easter bunny  and a tiny chick with a very fancy hat!

vintage holidayI found this vintage chime light in a small store for $3.00. The box is what sold me. The store owner insisted on testing it out to make sure it worked before he sold it to me. It lit right up! What a nice guy.

vintage holidayA set of 4 made-in-Japan mercury glass wire bell ornaments! I now have 6 of these fragile bells.

vintage holiday

My final find I found at the flea market with Angela a month ago. This tiny 5 piece band is also made in Japan.

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