How To: Divided Tin Storage

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the day when I get really excited about hitting garage sales on Saturday. Although my son and I did make it to about fifteen today and found something amazing that nearly tried to pinch my finger to death. More on that later.

So I was looking at my Bartons tin (I posted about it here), and wondering what I was going to do with it. It couldn’t just take up real estate on my desk and not serve a purpose. That’s when I realized instead of having all of my office supplies shoved in a drawer in the closet I could make this tin über functional.

The only supplies you’ll need are some scraps of matboard or other heavy material, an X-acto knife or utility knife, and a tin.

Matboard FlatFirst, cut two pieces to the diameter and height of your tin. Then, cut two thin slits halfway up the the middle that are roughly the thickness of your matboard. With a little bit of trimming they will fit together like this:

Matboard Assembled

Then pop it in to your tin:

Matboard in TinAnd fill it with whatever nonsense you want.

Tin with SuppliesMy fairly-organized soul is quenched, and I get to keep this tin on my desk and know it’s serving a functional purpose. Mission accomplished in under five minutes.



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