How To: Easily Fill Vintage Frames

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This post isn’t rocket science, but I love when projects are quick and make a statement. Admittedly, I’ve been hoarding 8×10 picture frames. It all started when I found a sterling silver one, and the lady I bought it from said her wedding picture had been in it since the 1960s. I decided it needed to be used in my house somewhere. And one quickly became seven.

8x10 Vintage Frames

Don’t worry, these aren’t priceless. In fact, I didn’t pay more than $0.50 for any of them.

I thought of putting vintage photos in the frames of all my grandparents, but I was missing a few people, so I brainstormed and went to my drawer chalked full of stationery (everyone has one of these…right?). That’s when I came across some postcards from Hammerpress a coworker had given me about seven years ago.

Hammerpress CardsI loved the intricate borders on the cards and thought they’d pair nicely with the frames. Plus, they wouldn’t be hidden in a drawer anymore.

Here’s how I framed them easily and quickly.
1. Clean the frames and the glass. Most of mine were disgusting, like they hadn’t been cleaned in 80 years. I used a toothbrush, some dish soap and twenty minutes of my life.
2. Place the glass on some white paper and trace away. But be careful, almost every pane of glass was chipped on the corners, and one even dropped tiny shards of glass on the floor.
3. Cut your paper out. Be careful if your toddler helps you.
4. Put a tiny amount of double-sided tape (preferably acid free) in the corners of the postcards, then place the postcards in the middle of the white paper.
5. Replace the glass, artwork and backing. You’re done!

Tracing the Glass Postcards with Tape

Vintage Frames

The lady’s sterling silver frame is right at home with the blue postcard.

Don’t these look fancy? They make me totally happy when I see them in my living room instead of a desk drawer. Maybe one day they’ll be switched out for family portraits, but for now this is a project completed.

Frame Detail

Living Room Frames.Oh, and big news. Check out those lamps I found last week. I’d been looking for a matching pair of lamps with shades and finally I found them at Salvation Army…for $2.50 each. The other thrifted items include my grandpa’s Zenith console stereo, Drexel chairs from Goodwill, and a Jolby & Friends art print inspired by the Legend of Zelda in a vintage basket-weave frame. I’m calling this corner of the living room done!

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