How To: Revive Your Wood-handled Silverware

Tammy gave me four beautiful, sculptural forks that needed some work.

Forks Before

The metal was in great condition, but the wooden handles had seen better days from washing, maybe even from the dreaded dishwasher. Here’s a closeup.

Forks Before CloseupSo just in time for your fancy Thanksgiving festivities, here’s how you revive them.

First, gather your supplies. This is easy; all you need is a can of Watco Butcher Block Oil and 200 grit sandpaper.

Watco Butcher Block

Next, give the handles a light sanding followed by a wipe down with a wet lint-free cloth to remove the dust particles.

Finally, apply two coats of the oil with a lint-free cloth following the directions for drying time. I waited about six hours in between coats. Always remember to work in a well-ventilated area and wear some gloves.

Forks After

And just like that you’re done. Check out these sleek handles now. Seriously. You can apply more coats, but two should protect the wood unless you exclusively use the dishwasher. Then you’ll want to put on three to four and cross your fingers. Dishwashers are so rough on these guys.

Forks After Close Up

Now you can worry about what to serve instead of your silverware!

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