If you guessed A…

Grand Total of $11

If you picked photo A as my finds, you guessed correctly. Thanks to all of our blog readers who submitted guesses. Thanks also to Angela for taking my pictures for this post. Friday’s sales were as amazing as Angela and Austin have explained. It was a day trip I would do again. The first town we stopped at was the jackpot, with adorable old folks having sales all over town.

Many of my finds that day were for my family. They usually give me a “look for this” list of what to find for them and I love the hunt. I found two antique atomizer perfume bottles for my grandma. They set me back $0.75 for the set. I found two whiteware pitchers with embossed designs for my sister. The pitchers were priced at $2 each.

A few of the finds were actually pulled out of “free” boxes. One was an amazing skill ball games board.  It is made of metal. I’m a little upset I didn’t dig in the free box a little deeper to see if the four original colored wood balls were in there also. At a different sale I pulled two old glass Christmas ornaments out, and three ceramic mushroom tiles. I am guessing the tiles are from the 1970s and made in a ceramics class. I am so happy to have a set of three—thanks to Austin, who pulled the third one out of a different box and handed it off to me. These may find a home on one of my kitchen walls.


My favorite find of the day was a $0.25 advent calendar from the 1960s. I love the Santa, woodland animals, children and all the glitter. It is in wonderful condition. My plans are to frame it and put it out for Christmas. The grand total for everything in my photo was $11. I can hardly wait to see what we find this weekend.


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