Instant Collections

I ventured out last Saturday morning solo and found a few fun things. Three of my finds could be considered new collections, like these old tobacco tins. As I was looking though a box of tobacco tins in the driveway at the sale, the lady having the sale asked me if I collected tobacco tins I responded with a quick, “No, but they sure look cool.” I picked out 3 to buy and then realized and said to the lady, “Well, I guess if 3 can be consider a collection I have one now!” She smiled and agreed.

image 3

image 2

I love the metal opener still attached to the top of this can.

image 1

The Prince Albert tin was still filled to the brim with tobacco. It actually smells pretty good and was a fun surprise, although we will not be getting out our vintage pipes.

The next instant collection was actually for Austin. Though I did pick one out for myself at the sale. I sent him this picture and before he responded, “Just buy them all” I had already paid for them all.

box of vintage stuffed animals

They were a little dustier then they look in the picture above but I carefully used a lint brush on them and now they shine. There is a whopping ten in all! Aren’t they stinking cute? A dragon, skunk, squirrel, kangaroo, three dogs, a donkey, cat and a bright blue bull. Adorable! They all have tags in good shape still on them. The tags read either “Made in Japan”, “Dream Pets by R. Dakin and Co” and the kangaroo was made by Kamar and dated 1966. So this last instant collection is headed to Austin’s home which I’m just as excited about as finding them for myself. Plus I don’t have to find a place to store them.

group stuffed animals

group stuffed animals 2

Here is the one I fell in love with at the sale and later flipped over his tag to see he had been made in the very town I found him in.

image 5

The last thing I’m sharing from this weekends finds was for my husband. I spotted this old Atari game system sitting on the top of a box and under it was all the controllers, wires and and games. Lots of games! Over fifty games! Now that’s a collection.


atari games




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