Leaving All the Toy Soldiers on One Branch

So I confess: I do have a small collection of Christmas ornaments. I forgot about them until my son found them and began to immediately man-handle them. Apparently I’ve been collecting small wooden ornaments. And this year I decided to put them all on my little guy’s tree. While it’s not the most refined tree, the stars and almost neon fiber-optic filaments appeal to my toddler’s tastes. He absolutely loves the tree. He decorated it all by himself and probably has each wooden ornament’s location memorized.

Wooden Toy Soldiers

See? I could barely keep his mitts off of these adorable little toy soldiers. They are made in Interlaken, Switzerland and come with their original box. Sadly, there is no design on the packaging. But just seeing their bright colors and happy faces is enough.

Wooden Rabbit Ornaments

These rabbits are almost as adorable. This is their original packaging as well. The rabbits and toy soldiers were purchased at my favorite seller’s garage sale. Man, I love that lady and her amazing finds!

Wooden Angel Ornaments

Rocking Horse Ornament

And lastly, my husband’s wooden rocking horse from the year he was born. Technically, it is vintage as we are both…er…vintage.

Christmas Tree Full

Here you get the full effect. It takes everything in me not to move all of those toy soldiers and intersperse them equally around the tree. And could there be any more rabbits on that one branch? Then I think of how proud my little guy was once the tree was all decorated and they’re just perfect where they are. Maybe one day I’ll find a nice vintage tree, but for now, this crazy one will light up his nights before he goes to bed.

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  1. Posted July 11, 2013 at 4:00 am | Permalink

    I have collected full range of toy soldier but i am seeing this wooden rocking horse and rabbit for the first time. This is looking so cute and I just want to get it by anyway.

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