Missouri Treasures

This post makes me feel a bit guilty. Here’s the long story.

A couple weekends ago my family and I went to visit family in southern Iowa and therefore I was away from my fellow Snaggers and our Saturday ritual of thrifting. We had a family-weekend packed full of food, catching up and sports events. Luckily, there was some down time between two soccer games. While my husband took my little guy to the park, my sister-in-law and I went thrifting. YES.

There were two consignment shops in town; no Goodwill or Salvation Army. There was also an antique shop, but I’m more for a bargain so we didn’t even stop. The consignment shops were a letdown. Everything expensive. Dresses from the 80’s for $20? Maybe if they were fantastic. Eames-era terrarium with a crack and moldy glass for $175? Hm. Don’t get me wrong, I did find a record of “The Sting” (I’m obsessed with Scott Joplin) for $0.75 at one of the shops, so all was not lost.

On a whim we followed a garage sale sign to the best finds in town. Short story: I’m embarrassed to say what I spent.

Missouri Trip Overall Shot

Ashtray and cigarette holder from 1959 $0.10, The Sting record $0.75, metal card case $0.10, art glass $0.10, Georges Briard cheese tray $1.25.

Ok, so the cheese tray and the record were from places other than the garage sale, but even including them that brings my tally up to $2.30! For some reason, the couple that was having the garage sale had tables and tables of un-vintage things out on their porch. But down from the porch and around the corner was a neglected table with these treasures scattered about. Everything on the table was $0.10. It was all the couples’ mother’s things. I didn’t ask questions because it seemed like an explosive topic.

Card case.

Cigarette box and ashtray.   Georges Briard cheese tray.

The card holder is amazing. I love the typography and, most of all, the colors. It’s a bit scuffed up but overall in great condition. What a way to spend a free hour between games. Did I mention my sister-in-law and I finished off the trip with ice cream sundaes? The weekend couldn’t have been any better!

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