Mixture of Vintage Smalls

Once again it was a Thursday sale that was the highlight to my weekend finds. Angela, Austin and I did give it a good try Saturday morning when we drove around a citywide sale, but we came home with very little. Here is my mixture of smalls worth sharing.

First up is this set of  mugs with hillbilly handles. Their humor made me spend $1.00 for the pair. Each is stamped “Occupied Japan” dating them from between 1947 to 1952.

photo 4 (9)

Next is this orange Enamelware tea kettle dating to the 1960’s. This is called the “vegetable” pattern.

photo 2 (85)

A lovely green glass vase.

photo 1 (86)

I’m so happy with this Italian Florentine tissue box. It is already filled with tissues and sitting on my coffee table. The blue paint and gold gilt is the perfect combination. The only flaw is where the darn price sticker pulled the paint off. Grrr! The worst!

photo 2 (86)

Next was a few holiday finds. A set of made-in-Japan candle holder angles by Ardco.

photo 3 (39)

And finally, my favorite find was this group of paper mache candy container eggs. They were nested inside each other when I grabbed up the large egg. I did not take the time to check the treasure within because it was only priced at $0.75. I was very pleased when I got to the van and found two more eggs nested inside. The largest egg and smallest eggs are the oldest. Both are marked “Made in Western Germany”. The other egg is newer and marked “Made in Germany-East”.

photo 3 (38)


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