Monthly Finds: Burke Tulip Chairs in the Rough

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve disappeared. I’ve been going to some garage sales, but not thrift stores and have hardly been searching on Craigslist. So my finds have been limited, and my time even more limited by a one-year-old who just doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Insert zombie groans.

There was this garage sale though. It looked like a total loser sale from the road, but once you entered into the very back of the garage, magical things were happening.

For starters, these things. That music box in front is from the 1940s and is so cute. The lady head vase? Yes. Almost mint condition. Don’t these things all look “Tammy-esque?”

Speaking of Tammy.

And all these cute (but worn) ornaments. Normally I don’t find them in a huge group and normally they’re about $1 each, but at this sale…I filled up an entire box with other finds that I will post about, for seriously $5. All of it. $5. Then, when I acted shocked, asked if that was too much.

$5. This jewelry box is just too amazing.

There are no markings on it, but since it was with all of the other older items I’m assuming it is vintage. What do you think? Have you ever seen a jewelry box like it? There were tons of earrings included as well, but I’m planning on a jewelry post in the future.

At another garage sale where I showed up like a crazed early bird due to my daughter getting up at 5:45, I spotted this army foot locker in the driveway. It is in fantastic condition and the owners were so nice. Check out the interior!

The red paper lining is so neat and striking against the green exterior. And, they even left a note.

“Foot Locker” Bought in 1959 for military use. Placed at bottom of bed for shoes and clothes. For inspections everything had to be folded or rolled a certain way, including socks and underwear!

The foot locker was purchased for the Iowa National Guard in 1959. I always love finding out the history of a piece.

After all those great finds, Austin, Tammy and I went to some city-wide garage sales and this is pretty much the only thing I found. A tin toy that doesn’t really work. Oh well, sometimes it’s the company that matters.

But my best find so far are these Burke tulip chairs. There are four total, all with the propellor base. These are not the original Saarinen tulip chairs, which have a sleeker tulip-shaped base, but still a nicely designed set of chairs. The lady on Craigslist was also a vintage enthusiast, and she saved them for me even when someone offered her double. How nice of her! It was worth an hour’s drive to come home with four of these beauties. They do have the normal wear marks of vintage furniture, but as my son is slowly chipping away at my pristine finishes, I’m coming to appreciate wear marks more and more.

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