Ok, I don’t know if the concept of drinking mugs warrants an exclamation point, but this is exactly what ran through my head when I spotted these beauties at a local flea market.


Mugs! I’ve been looking for a great set of mugs for years and to no avail. I gave up long ago and acquiesced to modern mugs from Pier 1. I was never content. These two-tone ceramic mugs in coordinating colors are exactly what I’ve been searching for—big and beautiful. These are Centura, a line of dinnerware made by Corning from 1962 until 1977. Similar to Corningware, Centura is a hybrid of ceramic and glazed glass—giving it the thermal properties of stoneware but the lightness and strength of glass. As such, they weigh less and have much sleeker forms than possible with a stoneware mug. These mugs were introduced in 1966 and could be purchased as a set in these four coordinated colors, or as one color.


Finding a whole set of vintage mugs can be tricky. Why, you ask? Mugs typically weren’t included in dinnerware sets before the 1970s. Instead they offered small coffee or tea cups, which are much smaller. Mugs were a separate purchase and those who bought them were very likely to use them literally to death. You often find one lonely vintage mug and while the idea of having a collection of mismatched mugs is so tempting, my inner anal self won’t allow it.

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to see your collection of mugs. Send us pics of your favorite vintage mugs at and we might just feature them in an upcoming post.

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