Never Hurts to Ask

I found these two galvanized metal milk crates at an old farm/business sale. The sale took up an old large Morton-style metal building and covered the yard. Unfortunately we happened upon the sale on its second day. In the back of this metal building there was a roped off area of things not included in the sale. That is were I spotted two old milk crates. I decided to give it a try and ask if they were willing to sell them. The first person I asked had to ask another person. The owner said they hadn’t used them in years and then was quiet, while he came up with a price. The long pause worried me a bit. To my surprise he came up with a price of $6 for the pair. Yes! I’m so glad I asked. They are from the Jones Dairy company in Corydon, Iowa. I love the yellow paint, it just makes it so much more amazing.

Galvanized metal milk crates with yellow paint.

Vintage metal baskets are very popular right now. Many people use them as rustic or industrial storage throughout their homes. They can sell at pretty high prices. These two I sent straight over to my sister. I knew she would love them. Remember it never hurts to ask because the worst they can say is no.

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