New Year New Finds

Last Saturday I went to local flea market that takes place the first Saturday of each month. My mom and I arrived early to beat the crowd.

I did some digging in boxes full of old Valentine cards. They were mostly from the 50s and 60s but it was a fun surprise to find a few from the turn of the century. Remember to look old cards over closely—I didn’t notice the dove’s tail was missing until I took these pictures, but considering the age and the $1.00 price, I’m not beating myself up over it.


If you look at the fence post you can read “Made in Germany” written on it.



This next one is my favorite. I found this one on my second trip to the same booth. It has two honeycombs that pop out at you when you open it. It is in pretty amazing condition for its age. The back of the card is stamped “Printed in Germany”.



I also found these pop bottle caps, which are not something I would normally be interested in. I think it was their small size, price ($2.00 for all) and the pictures of all-star baseball players from the 1960s on the reverse side that made me grab them up. They are not worth much and I have not a clue what I will do with them, but still a fun find don’t you think?



Another set of smalls I found are these brightly colored old candy tins.


And this unopened box of medical gauze.


Another find was this antique mirror. It is in rough shape but was only $5.00. I asked the lady selling it if she knew how old it was and she told me that it had been in her mother’s house as a child and that her mom was going to be having her hundredth birthday this year. Well how could I not buy it after that story!


The ripples and bubbles in the mirror are so pretty.


Finally my favorite find and the one that made the trip worthwhile was this set of bookends. I found them at my favorite booth. Both of the bookends have flaws and one has a big crack and a large hole in it, but I didn’t let this get in my way. I did find the pieces missing inside the broken bookend so my husband may decide to try and repair it. This lovely set of Art Deco bookends is from 1927 and will be finding a forever spot in my house. I just love them.


“Butterfly Girl”



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