New Years Finds List Part II

Ordinarily I’d never create a vintage wish list. That level of organization conflicts with my kid-in-a-candy-store style of thrifting and general chaotic ways. I’ve always bought whatever I found interesting—regardless of any real use I might have for it—and let my finds dictate my style. A small part of me is a afraid that if I narrow my search too much, I might overlook something great. That being said, there are a few specific things I’d love to get my hands on.

• I try not to go all matchy-matchy when collecting furniture pieces, but that anal collector in me can’t help but crave matching pieces from any set. So when I found out that Drexel, the maker of my spectacular coffee table, side table and china hutch, made a matching cabinet for Motorola console stereos in the 1960s my mind was officially blown. Seriously my coffee table and china hutch, both from Drexel’s Declaration line, are hands down my favorite furniture pieces. Knowing that out there somewhere hiding in a suburban basement is a matching console stereo is driving me crazy. I will find one.

Motorola Hi-Fi in a Drexel Declaration cabinet, via circamidcentury

My Drexel Declaration china hutch

• Speaking of my sexy coffee table and china hutch, they’re making my easy chair feel a bit shabby. My current chair is a low, blocky mid-1950s chair on tapered legs upholstered in purple nubby fabric. It has always had a peculiar smell, the cushion is a little stiff and the fact that Goodwill actually gave it to me for free are all clear signs that I should find a replacement, but the truth is I still kind of love it. It just looks really cool. So I’m on the lookout for a chair that won’t make me think twice about sending stinky purple chair off to Craigslist. Perhaps something with Danish flair?

Mid century chair via MidCenturia

• And while I’m at it, why not a new sofa? I actually love my grass-green 1952 Kroehler sectional too much to ever think about sending it away. But… I suppose if the right piece came along I wouldn’t say no. Actually my two piece sofa is great, but having the two pieces together doesn’t work in my living room and they aren’t long enough to lay on. I’d love to find something long and low to make me want to reorganize my entire house.

Adrian Pearsall sofa, via mid2mod

• Since I’ve already mentioned that I like finishing sets, 2013 would be a great year to finish any set of dinnerware that I’ve already started collecting. Which set would I like to complete the most? Truly I’d be happy with any of them, but I’d be ecstatic if I found even a few more pieces of Franciscan’s “Trio.” The design is so subdued yet fun.

Trio chop plate, from my own collection

• While we’re on the subject of ceramics, I’d like to throw a George Nelson-designed Howard Miller Meridian clock on this list. Ok, even I’ll admit that this is shooting pretty high, but hey, it is a wish list after all.  I stumbled upon these clocks while doing research for a project and became enamored. Clocks and mid-century ceramic art, two of my favorite things in one piece. This one is my favorite but there are several different designs, all of which are awesome.

Meridian Clock, George Nelson for Howard Miller, via MidCenturia

• But the most important thing I’d love to find is a time capsule house to finally give all of my collections a more fitting home. And by “more fitting” I mean more space for them to fit into. This item might be on my list for a few years, I’m afraid, but it never hurts to start looking. And you never know, I might just find one with a matching Motorola stereo hiding out in the basement. Two birds, one stone.

Illustration from Better Homes and Gardens, via MidCenturia


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  1. Tim
    Posted January 23, 2013 at 3:21 am | Permalink

    I to recently found a Motorola Drexel console in great shape but its missing its legs. Is there any
    Way you could measure the legs on yours for me so I can make a set?
    That would be outstanding!


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