New Years Finds List

Welcome back to our blog! We’re excited for the new year and can’t wait to post about our adventures, projects and snags.

To start off 2013, we wanted to share our “wish lists” for the year. I always start off the sale season with a physical, hand-written list because it’s easy to be overwhelmed going to thirty garage sales in one day or rushing into a crowded tag sale. For me, this list keeps me on track. Well, more on track. It’s also a list to daydream and hope maybe one of these things magically turns up. I’ve had John Audubon prints, a sheet music cabinet and of course a Spirograph on my list, and I’ve been patient enough and found almost everything.

And let’s clarify: we could find all of the items on our list if we hopped over to eBay or Etsy or a local antique store and paid top dollar. We’re talking about bargains here: there’s nothing better than scouring the metro and then finding your dream for dollars and cents. We’re all rather…thrifty.

• Up first, I’d like to find a vintage set of curlers. My hair is getting longer as I try to grow out the short bob I’ve had practically since high school, and I want to try some vintage hairstyles. We’ll see how far I get. Anyone have a recommendation on a specific set or style?

• We’re in the process of slightly renovating our tiny upstairs bathroom. Gone is the cornflower blue wallpaper border and splatter-paint floor from the 1980s. Next to be banished is a plain scratched mirror from the same decade. I’m thinking some 1940’s detailing to match our house. The other bathroom has a built-in medicine cabinet and I’d like everything to look as cohesive as possible. Could something like that nice horizontal mirror in the middle be found?

Vintage mirrors

Vintage mirrors from

• Our bedroom has an identity crisis. Part mid-century modern, part old-lady antique. The dresser currently in there is my first refinishing project ever. It’s time to go and get a more authentic finish on as I’m not digging the finish I mutilated the dresser with. I’m not quite sure what style to go with, but in order to appease my husband’s masculinity I’m thinking it should be some sort of sleek design like below.

From The whole site kind of makes me want to change every piece of furniture in my house. Can you throw in the Eames chair please?

• And one last “who knows what I’ll actually end up with” search, there’s a small area in our office with a school desk that I’d like to turn in to my son’s personal space. I’d like to find small frames and bulletin boards and a shelf or two so he can put in whatever pictures and drawings he’s working on. Hopefully the end result will look something like this.

Think this, from, but for a boy who loves construction equipment. Sure, he can have pastels if he’d like.

• And for my last wish list item, I’d like to find a stash of Johnny Cash records. Since I started looking for records last year, I’ve found very few that I needed to have. In fact the only one was a Nick Drake record which made me call up my husband and we both celebrated. Could some sweet older gentleman please decide his complete Cash collection needs to be relocated to my house? Thank you.

• Oh and since this is a pie-in-the-sky list, I’d like to find an Eames rocker. For $2. Now I’ll never find my whole list. Drat!

From I’d seriously put this in my bathroom if there was no other space for it.

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  1. Posted January 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm | Permalink

    If you find an Eames rocker (or any eames chair) for $2 dollars, holla!

    • Angela
      Posted January 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

      Could you even imagine?! Best. Day. Ever.

  2. Tina
    Posted January 8, 2013 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    I want some of the vintage mirrors so if you spot them buy extra :)

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