New Year’s Resolution: Fix the Scale.

No, my resolution isn’t to lose weight (as can be evidenced by the two empty pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the trash from this weekend), but to fix up a vintage bathroom scale I picked up at a tag sale.

Scale: before

Gross. Sick. Nasty. $1? Ok. Sold.

Just look at the bones on this beauty. Polished chrome, a magnified viewfinder, the heart contact paper. Wait, nix that last part. I knew what lied beneath was a gem. This poor scale was outside the tag sale, where the person in charge said everything outside was a dollar. I spotted it and lugged it over to the counter while Tammy kindly reminded the lady that everything was indeed a dollar, right? Tammy is so charming and sweet, who could refuse.

So today I set about cleaning it with a toothbrush and water with a few drops of dish soap. Everything came off except under the glass on the viewfinder. That unfortunately will be forever slightly dusty.

Next up was making a template for the new shelf liner to take the place of the 1990s contact paper. Black shelf liner was the only thing I could find that closely replicated what was originally on the scale; I found little dirty pieces of the original material when I took the heart contact paper off. Shelf liner is thicker than contact paper, is non-porous, can easily be cleaned and easily cut. I found this at Lowe’s for around $7. Score.

Scale: Tools

I used paper to make my template. I cut a shape to roughly the same dimensions of the scale, then used my fingernail to press down the paper around the slightly raised outside edge of the scale. This took longer than I thought, almost 30 minutes to get it just right. And by right I mean exact, my perfectionism is a curse most days.

Scale: template.

Thanks Saffron. Your help is not needed at this time.

Then I took the template off the scale and taped the dickens out of it to the shelf liner and proceeded to cut it out with regular scissors.

Scale: shelf liner.

The last thing to do was make a few trimming adjustments and glue it to the scale. I used Weldbond to adhere it, mainly because if I found out I didn’t like the shelf liner further down the road it can be removed easily. Plus my toddler was playing in the same room and I didn’t want anything that needed a lot of ventilation.

Scale: finished.

Here is the scale in the bathroom. Much better than before and hopefully it will be around for another 70 years. There’s no way I’m stepping on it until this lactose coma wears off though.

Scale: final.


Scale: before and after.

Only an $8 investment and look at all the character.


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