One Sale Weekend

Last week my sister, mom and I were busy setting up for our garage sale which mostly consisted of kids stuff and non-vintage items. It was nice to get rid of so much and it was perfect weather with temps in the low 80s. Although it was a crazy weekend, I did sneak one Thursday evening church sale into my schedule. I found a few things including this Parcheesi game. The game has a trademark re-registered date of 1918. It came with lots of dice and game pieces.

game board

game 3

game 2

I also found this old Hershey’s candy bar box. It dates from between 1951 to 1968. In 1968 Hershey Chocolate Corporation changed its name to Hershey Food Corporation. I would have bought the box on its own but it contained a bonus inside: cute animal themed cookie cutters, including a reindeer, elephant and giraffe. Guess its time to make some cookies!


My strangest, slightly creepy find was a vintage stuffed gazelle toy. Toy? My youngest son explains it as “freaky”. There is just something I like about it and I only spent $0.25 on it. I really don’t know much about it, so if anyone could fill me in I would really appreciate it. Do you think it was homemade?

image (1)


Not bad for one Thursday night sale.

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