“Orange Peel” Royal Haeger Pottery


photo 2 (42)Last week, I found this orange Royal Haeger vase at Goodwill. After paying the $2.99 for it I decided to do a quick search of piece before I drove out of the parking lot. My search revealed it to be one of the more desirable glazes in the Haeger line of pottery. This vase was produced in the 1970’s. Isn’t the color a dead give-away? It is done in the “orange peel” glaze. It is such a pretty glaze and especially in this shape of a vase which really resembles the appearance of an orange.

photo 1 (42)After my quick research I decided to run back into Goodwill and pick up the matching ashtray. It always makes your heart beat a bit faster when you decide you want something you didn’t buy, but lucky for me it was still waiting where I had sat it only moments earlier. Knowing I would probably not be seeing many other pieces with this glaze at such a great price I was thrilled to get it back in my claws.

photo 2 (43)I love the shape of the ashtray.

photo 1 (43)The bottoms of each piece are clearly marked. The vase still has its felt lined bottom. It is marked “Royal Haeger” and has the sticker from the floral store that it was originally purchased from. Under the felt I can feel the raised markings and it would resemble the raised marking on the bottom of the ashtray.

Haeger vase


Haeger vase2Now that I have two in this pattern, I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for more.

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