Picking Out a Thermos For You

The 1979 movie The Jerk, starring Steve Martin is what I blame for causing my crazy love for old thermoses. See what I mean by watching a scene from the movie here!

My collection could easily number into the thirties, but who’s counting? Definitely not me. I do display many of them, but they are all packed away because of our move. Since moving a month ago, I have added the three below to my collection.

So why do I keep buying them? Maybe because I have a thermos problem. Angela supports my addiction and surprised me with the tall blue one. The other two I found at a garage sale for only $0.25 each.

I love that some of the thermoses have the date manufactured printed on them.

I have become pretty picky when it comes to buying them. So here are a few tips I can share for picking the good ones. Always open them and check for rust and bad odors. Thermoses are often vacuum sealed, keeping the liquid in and at your desired temperature, but this also traps in unwanted smells that can be super hard to get out. I actually did not open one until I got home and found it to be full of thirty year old liquid of some kind. Sick! Thermoses can be taken apart and cleaned, but it can be labor intensive. I have given up on a few and tossed them out when they are just too far gone. Probably my best tip is to pick them up and shake them. If you hear a rattling sound, there is probably rust between the metal or plastic outside and the insert. Not good.  A little rust, a few scratches or some dents is fine and only add to its old charm. Finally, remember to leave the lids off so the thermos is open to the air after you wash them up, otherwise they won’t dry out.

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