Pink Bottle Brush Tree

14″ Pink Bottle Brush Tree

I snagged this pink bottle brush tree at a local flea market. It is pretty large for a bottle brush tree at 14 inches tall. It is lightly frosted at the tips. I have heard of people bleaching out new green bottle brush tree, which can be found at craft stores and dyeing them to a color of their liking. I prefer finding the old ones and enjoying their vintage charm. I’m guessing from the color that this tree is from the 1950s.

Bottle Brush Tree

Bottle brush trees come in a very wide range of sizes. I also have one that is a mere three-fourths of an inch in size. This one is so small I believe it must have fallen off an old ornament or was part of the landscape of a tiny Christmas house. Here is a picture of a tiny house with a bottle brush tree used in its landscape. This tree is 2 inches tall.

Bottle brush trees don’t require much special care, but one small tip is to always store them upright to prevent their fragile bristles from flattening.

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