Private Stash: Cambridge Sunburst Clock

Cambridge Sunburst Clock

I can’t take all the credit for this beautiful sunburst clock—Tammy found it at a garage sale for only $1.00. The husband who sold it to Tammy brought it back from a business trip and the wife hated it. She wouldn’t let him put it anywhere she would see it often, so he put it in the corner of the garage where Tammy spied it. Garages can accumulate moisture here in Iowa, and this clock took it hard. When Tammy purchased it the brass spokes were all corroded. If only I had taken a before picture! Luckily, the spokes were removable. With a little steel wool, all the corrosion and rust were removed followed by a coat of matte black lacquer. To eleven spokes. Little did I know one had fallen off and was behind the couch. Nothing like expecting a project to be complete and then realizing you need to repeat the process over again. Anger and swear words ensued. Granted, each sanding and two coats of lacquer took a total of twenty minutes, so the clock could be hung shortly after the lacquer dried.

Cambridge Sunburst Clock Detail

Check out the detail on the clock face. No one would ever know the spokes were supposed to be brass.

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