Private Stash: Triangle Necklace

There are times when I walk out of a sale and wonder why I just bought something. Usually it’s under the influence of Austin with an affirmation like, “You can’t just leave one when you buy the other two. It’ll be lonely!” Not that I’m completely innocent and don’t pull the same thing with Austin and Tammy. We’ll have a post coming up that features two questionable project pieces we influenced each other to purchase during an outing to Salvation Army.

This particular sale didn’t involve Austin at all, but an adorable ninety-year-old. She used to work at Younkers in the jewelry department and could talk anyone into buying anything. My eyes fell on this:

Vintage Jewelry

It’s in phenomenal condition, heavy, and completely unique. It was a little more than I was used to paying for vintage jewelry and was 3″ tall, which for me seemed large. I hemmed and hawed about it for a very long time. The lady working the jewelry counter knew exactly what to say. “Oh it looks gorgeous on you; you could wear it with practically anything. Triangles are very trendy right now. It’s very reasonably priced for the quality.” Seriously she was so cute I wanted to go have tea with her. I was on the fence for a long while, but I’m so glad she talked me into it.

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