Private Stash: Brutalist Pottery

We can’t wait to show you the great things we snatched up on our weekend jaunt up North. But until we fully recover from two days of up-before-dawn-out-until-dark snagging and gather our thoughts, this private stash will have to hold you.


I am a bit of a pottery hoarder. It began pretty innocently. An interesting vase here, a cool ashtray there, but eventually I found myself buying large pieces of furniture for the sole purpose of housing pottery. There’s pottery in every room. On tables, under chairs—even pottery inside other pottery matryoshka-style. Due to volume, I’ve become a more discriminating buyer, but when I eyed these two monster jars I couldn’t hold myself back. I found them at the architect’s estate sale I mentioned a couple posts ago. The collection these came from, combined with the indecipherable markings on the bottom, suggests that these were made by an independent studio artist, probably in the late 1960s. I love the shape and matte glaze, not to mention the insanely cool brutalist texture wrapping the midsection of each. For those who may not think large pieces of art pottery are practical, I would argue that these work great for stashing leftover Halloween candy.

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    The textures are gorgeous! No wonder you’re stashing them, and matryoshka style!

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