Private Stash: Garage Stash

After revealing myself yesterday as the man behind the largest pile of loot from the weekend, I thought I’d take today’s Private Stash in a little different direction and focus more heavily on the “stash.” The reality of being a collector or thrifter is that you have to buy something when you see it—it won’t be there if you wait until you’re ready. For me, that often means buying it when there’s almost nowhere to put it. That brings us to my biggest stash of all: the temporary holding area that is my garage.


If you watch Hoarding: Buried Alive, you may find this scene familiar, except instead of pizza boxes and and cat skeletons, there’s walnut furniture, paintings and pottery. It usually isn’t quite this full. In fact, just a few months ago my car was even parked in here. Usually about a third of the garage is full of projects awaiting restoration (although some of them have been on the list for quite some time) with a few items waiting to be cleaned for admission into the permanent collection. But then one weekend it started raining. And then it started pouring. I found myself in possession of three mid-century hutches. The following weekend I found myself with two dressers. Then two console stereos and so on and so forth. It’s like a Noah’s ark of awesome vintage stuff in there. Ultimately, however, what goes in the ark must come out so I can park my car this winter. As the busyness of fall calms and I find time to process and disperse the summer’s acquisitions, my days of lifting the garage door and looking around suspiciously for a TLC camera crew are hopefully drawing to a close.

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