Private Stash: Vogue Magazine Covers

This past Saturday started off at 7am with a tag sale followed by a handful of garage sales. I had fun but found nothing. That afternoon I went out with my six year old to get pumpkins and a hair cut. When we passed a garage sale sign at 3:30pm, my son yelled “go!” They were starting to pack up the sale, but why not? In a pile of old newspaper clippings and other old papers, I found these amazing Vogue covers. The first is a cover page dated January 1, 1918. Illustrated by Alice de Warenne Little, the image is of a woman dressed in pink and white attire with an evening bonnet and holding a candle. In the bottom left corner of the cover is a message that deserves a close-up picture. In 1918 for $0.01 you could have your magazine shipped over to the troops fighting in World War I. Wow!

1918 Vogue Magazine Cover

Jan. 1, 1918 Vogue Magazine Cover

The second Vogue cover is my favorite. It is from November 15, 1917 and a great example of Art Nouveau. This illustration is of a woman seated in a crescent moon admiring herself in a mirror. I love her shape and beauty. It makes me wonder if she realizes she is balancing on the moon. The illustrator is George Wolfe Plank. Now if I can just get my hands on his November 1, 1912 cover he also did. These almost ninety-five-year-old magazine covers are definitely not in mint condition with their many flaws, but I framed them just the way I snagged them. I didn’t trim the partial side binding cover at all. I love that they are not perfect and when you see them in their frames there is no question that they are originals. I already have them hanging in my bedroom. I only paid $0.20 for the pair of them. That’s less than their original cover price of $0.25 per issue. Happy dance!

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  1. Tina
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    Love them! Great snag! If only magazines were illustrated like that today.

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