Private Stash: Colored Game Pieces

I love smalls and this private stash definitely falls into that category. I snagged these at a garage sale in a Ziploc bag labeled “old game pieces.” The baggy contained 68 small round colored game pieces for $1.00. I’m not sure if they are game pieces or small marbles. I’m also not sure what they are made of. I have tried to look them up online and I am hoping they are tiny clay marbles. There are 4 different colors, so I am pretty sure they are not from a set of Chinese checkers, which requires 6 colors.  They measure about 3/8 inch in diameter, but are not all uniform in size. They are also not all perfectly round which makes me think they might be handmade. If any one can help me figure out the game they come from or how to tell if they are clay marbles, please leave me a comment.

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    They look like clay marbles, which are almost always irregular. They could have been handmade for marble shooting or from an old homemade game of Wahoo. Cool find!

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