Private Stash: Waverly Safari Fabric

When my husband and I found out we were expecting, I immediately began freaking out. So much to do in eight months time. We had a guest room that needed to be converted into a nursery. It was light blue and I didn’t want to paint it, boy or girl. Finding vintage fabric for curtains that went with the wall color wasn’t too much to ask for, was it?

Austin and I went to a flea market, and while he checked out our favorite vendor I went to the back of the building and found yards and yards of this:

Vintage Waverly "Safari" Fabric

Seriously. How perfect. It was as if Harris (the vendor) knew exactly what I needed. I tried to act casual as I clutched it in my arms and calculated what maximum price I would pay. $25? Yes. $50? That would be crazy but I would pay it. The fabric was perfect. I stammered out an incoherent sentence asking about the price. He said…$5?! I gave him a hug. True story.

There isn’t much out there about the fabric pattern. In the selvedge are the words, “An Original Waverly Fabric” and, “Safari.” I’d like to know who designed this fabric and who saved it in their closet for me.

Curtains In Room

Simple curtains made from vintage Waverly fabric.

Waverly Fabric In Room

Check out how cute the fabric looks with my $3 garage sale chair. Turns out I didn’t have to paint the guest room. And even better: I have leftover yardage!

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