Private Stash: Playskool Ride-On Toy

I was inspired to write about this Private Stash when it ran over my foot earlier today.

Vintage Children's Bike

Yes, the much coveted in our house “motorcycle.” This thing’s value has surpassed its price of $3 at a garage sale. My little one plays with it every day. It’s sturdy and the paint is already chipped, so no worries when it gets dinged.

For quite awhile I believed this was a handmade toy: the paint had distinguishable brush marks and the joinery pieces all looked common enough to have been bought at a hardware store. However, my paint job is just in badly worn condition and this is a Playskool ride-on toy from the 1960s or earlier. Some of the pictures from the late 1960s and early 1970s toys on Etsy and eBay have plastic parts, and this particular one is all wood, so it may very well be from an even earlier time. Best of all: mine still has the tassels.

It looks right at place next to my giant orange velour couch in the living room, all aged and weathered. Best of all, my son thinks it’s one of the best toys he has. Mission accomplished.

Vintage bike detail.

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