Private Stash: Polaroid OneStep

This weekend was the first in a long time that I had no garage sale plans. My family and I have been fighting the flu bug. Gross! I did stop by one sale very close to home and was so happy to find three vintage cameras. All three cameras were thrown into one large box at the sale and as I was ready to grab the Polaroid cameras I heard the lady having the sale say, “That’s the free box.” What? Yes! So I grabbed them fast. The video camera still has its original box with instructions manual. It is a Lentar Automatic Super 8mm reflex zoom movie camera 5x EE model B691. From what I can find it is circa 1970s, but maybe early 1980s.

But of course my favorite snags are the two vintage 1970s One Step Polaroid SX-70 cameras. They are exactly the same and both came with instruction books. This one came with its original bag.

The second came in was in its original box. Isn’t it just adorable!

Now to find some film and flash bulbs and I would love to bring these loaded to the family holidays this year. It’s such a fun childhood memory being huddled around the gray exposed Polaroid anticipating the magic of the picture slowly appearing. I was pretty bummed I didn’t have my usual Saturday of sales, but sometimes all it takes is just one.

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