Private Stash: Snowmen

Living in Iowa we almost always have snow for Christmas. This year we have yet to see a flake fall. This is putting a halt to the unofficial snowman building competition we have with a few neighbors. It’s not about anything other than who can make it the largest. The two snowmen I have on display are pumping me up for the competition. First up is a 1973 musical snowman. It is made of hard plastic and the size of a large snow globe. It plays “Frosty the Snowman” as it rotates. I picked him up at a local thrift store a few weeks ago. A lady had him in her cart and I told her how cute he was. Just before I was ready to leave she brought him over to me and told me she wanted me to have him. She insisted with a smile, handing him off to me. Its was priced at $1.95.

I have forgotten the story behind my next snowman. He must have come from a garage sale. He is a 7 inch tall snowman ornament, much too big to hang on my tree. I love that he is covered in tiny round crystal like pieces of plastic and not just glitter. When the snow does finally fall this year, I’m ready to build, so get your snowsuit on Angela!

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