Private Stash: Doily Stretcher


This summer we visited many citywide garage sales. At one of these towns we came across a sale hosted by an older man. Many of his items were unmarked and this was one of them. Luckily Angela asked the price and when he replied 25 cents we grabbed it up. It is a well-used doily stretcher from the 1950s, manufactured by the Pinabord Manufacturing Company of Chicago. It has its original orange wood frame surrounding the particleboard with a wonderfully bright bull’s eye graphic on it. I love all the holes from all the years of use. I have watched my grandma make doilies, but she never needed a doily stretcher. I didn’t even know they existed until we discovered one at a garage sale. It was such a fun surprise to find.


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  1. Julie Beck
    Posted July 21, 2013 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    I crochet doilies and I diligently dip them in heated up liquid starch (thinned by water) and pin them out. About 15 yrs ago a friend who I often made doilies for found me a doily stretcher similar to this one. (by Hostess). I LOVE it.. and am always disappointed if I make a doily too big that I have to resort to pinning out on a large cardboard instead. It is easy to forgo the old fashioned route by not starching or by ironing with spray starch. Trust me, the results do not compare..

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